Choosing a Barber V/s a Hairstylist

People often wonder whether they should go to a barber or a salon. Deciding is really tricky without understanding the differences as it depends on a number of factors.

Barbers are trained to cut shorter and more traditional haircuts while hairstylists are trained to cut depending on the client’s styling requirement.

Quite often the question pops in one’s head, “Should I go to a barber or salon?” Deciding how to choose a barber V/s salon and find a men’s haircut near you can be tricky.

This article takes you through what should you consider before choosing to get a cut from a barber or a hairstylist.


Visit a barber when

    • You’re looking for simple, classic short cuts which are low maintenance. No styling products are used and the cut makes you looks sharp.
    • You’re on a budget as most barber are significantly less expensive than a salon or a hair stylist.
    • You like the companionship and the overall atmosphere. Men like going to barber shops for the atmosphere as much as women like going to a day spa for the pampering – it’s a comfortable, laidback atmosphere.
    • You don’t have to talk much about what you want,
    • You want a shave. Many upscale barbershops offer hot lather face shaves which are a real treat. I strongly recommend getting one several times per year.

Visit a hairstylist when

    • You’re looking for someone who’s proficient with longer hair styles. Maintaining a style is a stylist’s forte and will give you tips on maintaining your hair style.
    • You follow the latest trends. A stylist is apt as they are up-to-date on all the latest trends and will help you find the cut for your face. A barber on the other hand caters only to classic, traditional haircuts that men have favored for decades.
    • You want to buy styling products to maintain that look. Barber’s don’t sell a range of high end products like most stylists do. Stylist’s explain which product will work best to maintain the integrity of the style you’ve chosen.
    • You want to play with colours. If you’re looking to have your hair coloured, a barbershop is generally not going to be able to help you, but a hair stylist is very well trained in the art of hair coloring.

So, is a barber better than a hairstylist? Or viceversa?

Ultimately, It all depends on your requirement which will determine whether or not you choose a barber over a hairdresser. Men and women who need to get their hair cut quickly and efficiently should consider using a barber. Sweet and simple. But, those who want to colour their hair, highlight it, or want the latest trendy hairstyles are unlikely to get these services at a barbershop.

Lastly, maintaining a great looking head of hair involves more than finding a good barber or stylist.

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