Going for a full body wax? Here’s What you should look forward to

New Year’s is just a few days away and all your friends are set for the Goa trip to welcome the New Year with a bang.

Super excited right trying all your sexy swimsuits but you suddenly notice that there’s too much hair!

Don’t get disheartened, you can always go to a professional salon to get a bikini wax done in the nick of time.

Easier said than done right?

Now, if this is the first time you’re getting a full body wax done, there’ll be a lot of questions running around your head and if you’ve already done it before, you know what to look forward to.

But, let’s get to those who’re doing it for the first time.

A first bikini wax is not a fun experience for most people. How much it pains all depends upon how mentally strong are you.

For sure, waxing is a longer-lasting way to removing your hair than shaving, with the smoothness from a lasting for up to four weeks.

But being aware of exactly what you’re getting yourself into will help ease the experience overall.

Below, we take you what a full body wax involves and how to prepare for your first ever full body wax.

Length Matters

Don’t shave your couple of days before you head for a waxing session. Why? Well, the shorter your hair the denser it gets and the more difficult it’ll get to pull it and that, hurts way more. So, always remember to grow your hair for a while, so it gets easier for the waxer to pull it.

That Time Of The Month

If your waxing appointment is nearing your period date, make sure you don’t go for it. This is because the skin becomes extra sensitive it’ll hurt even more. Anyways you’ll be naked from the waist below in front of your waxer, you wouldn’t want to make yourself more uncomfortable.(Don’t worry, waxers have seen it all, it’s their job.)

Shower Up

This is just a reminder not for hygienic reasons but for scientific reasons. Taking a shower(preferably warm) before your waxing appointment as it helps open the pores of your skin making it easier to wax and the experience will be less painful.

Know You Wax

So, there are a few waxing styles that you should know about. A Brazilian wax is one in which everything comes off from front to back. A full-bush Brazilian wax is similar to a Brazilian wax where you can style the front and lastly, there’s the Simple wax which removes hair from the sides only.

Also, the type of wax matters. There are two kinds of wax. Soft wax, where your hair will be pulled up with a cloth strip and hard wax is, where it is directly ripped off the skin.

Many places will use a combination of the two waxes. If you find your prefer choice, don’t hesitate to inform your aesthetician.

After Effects

Congratulations. You’ve just gotten done with your wax and although you may look like a plucked bird, only half the battle is won. It is essential to take care of your skin for about 2 days before you wear that sexy bikini. Post wax, the skin tends to get irritated and there will be a lot of redness, so avoid any sort of friction.

All this should help you prepare for your full body wax. Always make sure you wear loose clothes on the day you have your waxing appointment and with time, it will definitely hurt less than the first experience. Like the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.”

Never rely on random salons and thoroughly research before you book your appointment.

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