Got an Itchy Scalp? Try these methods

Let’s face it, we all adore long, shiny and flowing hair. With dust, pollution, stress and a myriad of factors, it gets extremely difficult to maintain it which leads to a number of scalp problems.

Now picture this, you’re sitting at a fine dine restaurant with your crush and you’ve taken hours to look your best to score extra brownie points. But suddenly, you have an incessant urge to itch and you just can’t seem to stop. What a bummer!

An itchy scalp is extremely annoying. Especially, when it occurs at the wrong place and the wrong time. A dry scalp is not to be confused with dandruff and if you’re frequently scratching your head, then it could be more than just regular dandruff.

If the itching hasn’t stopped yet, don’t fret! This article will cover the recommended methods to try before you visit a salon to treat a dry scalp.

So, stop scratching and start reading.

Shampoo Switcheroo

Do you shampoo regularly to maintain a healthy scalp and it’s still not working? Well, your shampoo might be the real culprit causing the dryness in your scalp. Avoid shampoos with silicone which suffocates your scalp. Switch to a gentler shampoo and conditioner which is SLS free and you should see the results in no time.

Rinse It Up

Post your shampooing and conditioning session, give your hair a good rinse. Avoid washing it off with hot water as it dries out the hair rather the rinse it with cold (if not warm) water which not only seals the cuticles but also increases the shine and boost’s circulation in the scalp.

Stop Scratching

At all costs, no matter how hard it gets, avoid scratching. It does more harm than good and if you think it is going to relieve you of the itch, you’re absolutely mistaken. Apply a soothing scalp toner that contains ingredients such as camphor and benzalkonium chloride which has a calming effect and also acts as an anti-itching agent.


Exfoliate your scalp to help shed cells once a week by just like you would your face. Use a scalp scrub, or products which contain fruit enzymes which are the gentlest option available in the market.

Lifestyle Matters

Alter your lifestyle habits as it affects your scalp as well. Staying hydrated not only helps improving your digestion and brain function, but is also essential for hydrating the skin. We get it, people get busy with their daily hustle and bustle and chances are that most of us don’t drink enough which ultimately affects our skin making it dry and irritating. Another thing to keep in mind is to include a balanced and nutritious diet for a healthier scalp. Including zinc and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet is the key to healthier hair as it not only increase the moisturising effects in the scalp, but also reduces inflammation and helps in maintaining a healthy scalp.

When all else fails, the last option is to visit a professional salon. For the latest and most professional scalp treatments, book an appointment at Jean Claude Olivier today. We have a state of the art salon and our staff is very well trained with the latest technology in scalp treatments. We use premium products from our in-house brand ‘postQuam’ ensuring you the best possible results.

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