How often you should get your hair treated

Curly, straight or wavy we all love our hair. We give them the best care we can and why not? They do go through a lot due to our routine and styling habits. While most of our daily hairstyling process comprises straightening, hair spray and other products, the heat and chemical damage the hair & scalp increasing hair fall, breakage or splitting at the ends. The damage caused by the harmful chemical products can be reversed simply by getting a good hair treatment from a salon.

To begin with, you need to understand the difference between treatment and conditioners or the word conditioners is used to generalize four different types of strengthening and moisturizing products. Conditioners are effective on the surface of the hair and in that they provide temporary protection and strength to the hair. Conditioners are like a sheath that does not penetrate the hair but provides a microscopically thin protective film which renders smoothness and combability. On the other hand, treatments penetrate the hair, restoring and maintaining internal strength.

Conditioners can be used while shampooing but treatments can be done by you or your hairdressers once a week or more depending on the amount of treatment needed for your hair. Mainly there are two types of treatments that are essential for your hair.

  • Reconstructors : Reconstructors make the hair stronger and are generally protein-based treatments. If your hair is damaged due to chemicals (i.e. from a perm or color) or breaking or weak hair, reconstructor is a viable option. They are made up of a combination of protein and moisture as pure protein treatments which if used incorrectly can leave the hair brittle. The hair usually doesn’t feel great instantly but tend to improve overtime as the treatment work internally and you may still need a conditioner to make your hair feel smooth. They are most often found at the salon and used during chemical processes. Don’t use protein-based treatments within a week either side of color as they can cause the color to fade or not ‘take’ properly in some instances.
  • Moisturisers : The most common type of treatment, balance the moisture content of the cortex (middle of your hair). Great for frizzy, dry hair and those of you with curly hair that lacks bounce. Will treat all damage conditions from chemical to physical (i.e. from colouring to over-drying or heating your hair to sun damage).

The frequency of hair treatment depends on the amount of damage done to the hair. If the hair is damaged due to color and other chemicals you may need one or two sessions of treatment every week. You can later reduce the frequency based on the improvements in the hair and scalp. For best in class hair treatments to rid frizz, split ends and hair damage with premium products book your appointment at Jean Claude Olivier today.

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