The wise guide to selecting the best hair extension 24.2.2020

Have you ever been awestruck of a celebrities beautiful hair and wondered why yours isn’t the same considering you’ve tried every trick in the book? Chances are it’s fake hair, aka hair extensions. It’s the magical wand used by many stylists worldwide to transform any hairstyle within minutes.

Realistically, the more hair on your head, the more you can experiment with a variety of styles.

If you’re one of those women who has never even run her fingers through a hairpiece and still craves for those long tresses, fret not!

This guide is the wise guide to selecting the best hair extensions available in the market.

Don’t worry, even if you’re new to the concept of hair extensions, you’ll get a fair idea of the things you need to look for before purchasing hair extensions. Read below.


Wondering what are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a means to add to the length and volume of one’s hair. They primarily come in 2 types─ natural and synthetic.

Natural hair extensions but obvious are more expensive and of higher quality as compared to synthetic. But if you’re not willing to spend a lot, synthetic hair extensions are a better option. Both come with their distinctive set of pros and cons, so it is advisable you do your own homework before deciding on which one you would prefer going for.


There are so many types of hair extensions to choose from. The final look depends upon your hair, the type of extension you choose and your budget. While some are permanent and have to be fitted by a stylist, whereas others you can fit yourself whenever the mood hits. Let’s dig deeper with the various kinds of extensions available:


This type involves tightly braiding your hair in small cornrow strips, and then the extensionsare woven into your hair which can be sewn onto a hair net and then glued to your scalp. Weaves usually take a couple of hours to be fitted and you must do it from a professional stylist.


These are double sided tapes which will be attached to thick sections of your hair. They need to be fitted by a professional stylist and need to be replaced once every six months.


These are small strips of hair with circular strands that bond to your hair with keratin attachments. They are very similar to tapes. Bonds need to be fitted by a professional stylist and typically last for about six months and post which they’ll need to be tightened in frequent intervals.


Do you love adding colour, volumes, length and experimenting with different looks? Then, clip-ins is the perfect option for you. You can do this by fit them by yourself and there’s no need to visit a professional stylist. Although for maintenance, you should consult your stylist. Clip-in extensions typically last for about six months, but it all depends on how you maintain them.

Now, that we’ve given you a lowdown on what to consider before purchasing hair extensions, maintaining them is a different ball game. Some steps you should follow to make full use of the lifespan of hair extensions is storing them safely, washing them weekly and consulting your stylist frequently.

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