Trendy Hair Colors To Try In 2020

In a few weeks it’s going to be 2020 people! And with all the talk about New Year resolutions and fresh starts, what else should you be thinking about? Your hair color!

The year 2020 being a new decade is legit the apt time to experiment with your hair color. New year, new hue, am I right?

So to get you motivated to make a trendy hair color change, we’ve done some research and rounded up the prettiest and trendiest hair colors of 2020, that you’re going to be seeing everywhere at the start of the New Year.

Milky-Chocolate Brown Hair Color

In 2020, you’re going to see a lot of women moving away from blonde highlights and towards a more natural tone. No woman who does not love this food of the gods can dislike this rich, creamy, melting chocolate color. This is one of the most preferred hair colors as it is rich, vibrant, and super classy.

Red Wine Hair Color

Need inspiration for a perfect hair color for 2020? One of the best things about burgundy shade is how interestingly they pair with a variety of skin tones. If your skin tone is pale, this shade will be striking and dramatic, whereas on medium and dark skin tones the color will seem subtle.

Blonde Roast Hair Color

If you’re hoping to add a splash of blonde to your color or a blonde hoping to tone down for the months of winter, blonde roast is the best, trend setting way to do it. This new trendy color seamlessly combines shades of dark brown with shades of light blonde.

Mushroom Blonde Hair Color

Right between light brown and dark blonde lies a version of bronde because it doesn’t really fall into either category. It’s a great shade for blondes looking to dip their toes into the dark side, or for dark haired women wanting to go a little lighter. To get the color ask your colorist for a light brown or dark blonde subtle, with a variation of both light brown and dark blonde pieces. It’s important to ask for something ashy, or else you’ll be left with a more traditional bronde.

Fantasy Hair Color

Even though the unicorn hair trend has all but died out, vivid hair colors are thriving. Fantasy colors will be alive and kicking with even more vibrancy in 2020. Unlike the contrasting colors hair trend, this would mean opting for more bright colors as opposed to weaving in one statement color. If going bold is your thing, fantasy color combinations like deep purple or fire red at the root with a lighter pink or orange yellow at the ends is the way to set a trend.

The quality of hair color depends on the how well trained the stylist is. If done incorrectly, the results could be disastrous. For best in class hair coloring and other hair treatments book your appointment at Jean Claude Olivier today.

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