What your sun sign says about your hairstyle

One of the most attractive features of a woman is undoubtedly her hair which speaks volumes about her personality.

There is always that one special hairstyle that reflects us and expresses us in the best way possible, as it is one of our most important features. With a myriad of styling options available in the market, we tend to get carried away at times and land up in the salon pampering ourselves with a new hairdo.

Messy bun, long hair, bob or ponytails, choose a style that that truly complements not only your physical appearance but also your sun sign as.

Read below what we feel your sun sign says about your hairstyle.




You like your hair to look neat, tidy and you prefer an easy to maintain hairdo. Your hair would have a creative style that mirrors the waves of the sea and your flexible personality humbly embraces natural hair texture whether it’s straight, curly or slightly wavy. You go with what you’ve got no matter what texture you have.


You are a born leader who is adventurous and likes to keep things exciting. This shows in your hairstyles, which you have no problem to experiment from time to time personifying your confidence and bravado. Although you can’t resist the sleek-straight look, you’re more likely to experiment with buns, short cuts and even at times go back to classic hairstyles.


You’re someone who takes each day as it comes. A quintessential shoulder length hair is a common choice for you since you’re someone who likes to keep things simple and easy to maintain. At times when you want to be the center of attraction you go all out in experimenting. It all depends on your mood.


You adore attractive hairstyles, but you’re also prone to throwing your hair up in a messy bun. You tend to take each day as it goes and you go from one extreme hairdo to a hairstyle that’s quickly done, with the goal of quickly getting it out of your way. Your alternating persona requires a lot of experimentation, like, cutting into a bob, or going with the current trend.


You’re compassionate, sensitive and a romantic at heart. You like your hair to feel soft and you like to keep it long which could either be straight or curly at the end. You like to look sophisticated, alluring and ageless at the same time.


You are someone who is comfortable in their own skin and isn’t afraid of being in the limelight. You’re more likely to choose a hairstyle that’s lustrous, like a bob or perfect spiral curls as you like to keep a stylish hairdo, and look appealing at all times. Flaunt these styles as they emphasize on the adventurous side of you and leave others awestruck.


You’re very practical, analytical by nature and you’re likely to go for a style that keeps your hair out of our face. Ponytails, knots and clean looks are the ones that best compliment you.


You’re a gentle spirit and a natural beauty that doesn’t need to work hard at looking good and that reflects in your choice of hairstyles. With a peace loving persona, styles that make your hair wavy would suit you the best. Bangs and pulling the sides back are the ones you would go for, but there’s always some hair down around your shoulders to give your feminine side a boost.


You’re passionate, intense and focused on your goals and you don’t want your hair to get in your way while you’re working toward them. You’re likely to choose a short and alluring look for the summer like the bangs and in winters you love to have at medium length wavy hair or curled hair that would give you a feminine edge.


You’re happy, carefree, and playful kind of a person who loves to keep it simple and elegant. You’re spontaneous and optimistic personality traits make you make you try and experiment at times but eventually you would come back to something shorter as it would be easy to carry off.


You’re a no-nonsense, simple, ambitious, steady and dependable person and it should come as no surprise that the ponytail is your best friend. You’re someone who loves to maintain your hair and keep it clean at all times, but would also love it to have a timeless appeal.

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